I am new to the community, what else should I know about school transportation?

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1. Patchogue Medford School District provides transportation for students well in excess of what the New York State law requires:

    • Elementary Students (K-5) living more than one-half mile from the school are eligible for bus transportation;
    • Middle School Students (6-8) living more than one mile from school are eligible for bus transportation;
    • High School Students (9-12) living more than one and one-half miles from the school are eligible for bus transportation; and 
    • Non-Public - Private and Parochial Schools (K-12) have been authorized by the district voters residing in the district 15 miles from their home.

2. Bus passes will be mailed out for large bus students regarding bus stops, bus routes and pick-up times will be mailed from the Transportation Department in August each year. Mini-bus students will receive calls from their bus drivers at the end of August.

3. Students should be at the bus stop at least 10 minutes prior to pick up time.

4. Regular bus drills are conducted at least 3 times a year to ensure children are aware of what to do in an emergency on the school bus.

5. Patchogue Medford Schools uses a Connect-Ed notification system for inclement weather notifications including delayed openings and early release dismissals.

6. All Kindergarten students must be met by a parent or an adult, that is on the student’s emergency contact list (ID may be required).

7. The first few rows of the bus are reserved for kindergarten students. If parents choose to have siblings sit with their kindergartner, this is permitted in the front of the bus only.