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4th and 5th Grade Students Explore New Technology Applications Inside the Technology Lab

A Model Schools Specialist is leading the class, as the teacher assists with students. Each lesson will be Student- Directed, where students will be engaged and working on a laptop, sometimes collaboratively, to learn and complete tasks and projects. The lesson will also be “teacher-targeted”, showing teachers new technology applications and strategies that they can use and build upon when they are in the Technology Laptop Labs. The goal is to provide teachers with live professional development in the classroom setting and establish a new model of utilizing the Technology Laptop Lab, outside from the traditional computer lab model. Some of these technologies are being added to the Library Media Center curriculum.

Topics that they have discovered or will discover are: 

• Building Storyboard (Storybird online application) 

• Starting to Code ( 

• Robots! (Ozobots, Sphero, Dash n Dots) 

• Making your own controller (Makey Makey technology) 

• Going digital (Microsoft 365 introduction – OneDrive) 

• Computer Art “graphic design”(Canva online application) 

• Virtual Reality (Google Expeditions) 

Students using computer lab.