The Ins and Outs of Our Parking Lot

  • The parking lot is a very busy area before the start and end of the school day. As a result, it is a potentially hazardous place for students, parents, and staff if safety procedures are not followed. To ensure the safety of our students, procedures, and guidelines for picking up and dropping off students need to be followed by all.

    Automobiles bringing children to school are to drive onto the school site via the driveway on the northern side of the building and park in a designated parking space. Please follow the path of the orange cones to ensure an appropriate two-way traffic pattern.

    Please adhere to the stop sign located just past the fifth-grade wing.

    Walker drop off occurs between 8:55 a.m. daily at the fifth-grade entrance. This is not a parking area. Students should be able to exit the automobile independently (curbside only) during this time. If your child needs assistance exiting the car or you need to enter the building, you must park in a designated space.

    Please do not park your automobile anywhere along the curb as this serves as a fire lane.

    When picking up students, automobiles should only be parked in legal parking spaces.

    Please take the time to find an available spot despite the distance from the main entrance or walker doors.

    Handicapped parking spaces in the front of the building or near the fifth-grade entrance are reserved only for handicapped registered vehicles. 

    We need your cooperation to make sure our parking lot remains a safe place!