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  • Welcome to Mrs. Zegel's Website

    I look forward to the start of the 2017-2018 school year. Our overview of the year is as follows:

    Meet the teacher will be on Tuesday, September 19, 2017


    Welcome to 2nd Grade!


    This year, your child will have many opportunities to practice their skills and strategies using computer-based programs.  You will receive all sites, login names and passwords needed to access each program at Meet the Teacher Night. The websites are easily found on my school webpage




    Vocabulary development

    Phonics/Spelling - Fundations



    Guided Reading



    Personal narratives (memoir – story about self)

    Fictional narratives (story)

    Informational/Expository (essay)

    Persuasive (convince)

    Procedural (how-to)

    Transactional (letters)



    Sums and Differences to 20

    Addition and Subtraction of Length Units

    Place Value, Counting and Comparison of Numbers to 1000

    Addition and Subtraction Within 200 with Word Problems to 100



    Social Studies:  Communities


    Suburban, Urban and Rural




    Goods and Services

    Needs and Wants

    Community Change

    Making a Difference

    Being a Good Citizen





    Work Like a Scientist

    Technology and Our World

    All About Animals

    All About Plants

    Environments for Living Things

    Earth and Its Resources

    All About Weather

    The Solar System

    Changes in Matter

    Energy and Magnets



    Your child will be assessed in many ways this year.  Your child is informally assessed on a daily basis through verbal and written activities.  Children will also be assessed to check their level of understanding of what was learned in each chapter using formal tests in Reading, Social Studies, Math and Science.


    These tests give us information about your child’s current reading ability and comprehension of subject material so that we can work on targeted areas of weakness and strengths. 


    Test Folder:

    On even numbered Fridays, your child may bring home their test folder.  In their agenda, they will write: ‘Please sign test folder and return on Monday’. You will review their tests, and sign to acknowledge that you saw each one.  The test folder gets sent back on Monday.


    Name ____________________________________




    Parent Signature















    Your child will have math and reading homework every night from Monday – Thursday.  Every now and then, they may bring home workbook pages to study vocabulary for science and social studies. Important upcoming dates will be written into their agenda as well.  Please initial the bottom of the agenda to show that you are aware of what homework your child has completed.

    Homework is also updated weekly on my website.


    Specials Schedule:

    Monday:  Art 11::02-11:42

    Tuesday: P.E. 9:40-10:20

    Wednesday:  Library 10:21-11:01

    Thursday:  P.E. 9:40-10:20

    Friday:  Music 2:30-3:10


    Lunch:  12:26-1:06

    Recess:  1:06-1:46


    Contact Information:

    The best way to reach me is through our class Dojo text messaging system, which you will receive a code for at Meet the Teacher Night, or by e-mail at:  I check e-mail throughout the day when the students are at a special, or after school. 


    However, if it is something that the school needs to know about immediately, such as a dismissal change, please call the school at 687-8350.  This is also the best way to contact me if you need to speak directly with me regarding your child.  I will do my best to call you back during a time that the students are at a special. 


    I look forward to a wonderful year of educating your child.


    Mrs. Zegel