Lets get active!! - Physical Education

Welcome to Physical Education. 

My hope and goal is to foster positive character within my students by means of games, sports and other fun activities. The curriculum is subject to change depending on weather and unforeseen circumstances. Please take some time to go over my class expectations and rules. Do not hesitate to contact me either via email ctripptree@pmschools.org or sending in a note with your child. 

Please note which days your child has Physical Education. For safety reasons I require that all students wear sneakers to gym. ( Boots & sandals will not be permitted, regardless if it is raining or snowing, bring sneakers in a separate bag please)

No jewelry is permitted during class participation. If your child is wearing jewelry to class it might be lost or broken so rather leave it at home. 

Water bottles:
I encourage students to bring a clear marked water bottle to gym, especially on hot days since we might be outside. 

Participation is required for all students unless a medical note has been submitted. Please understand that a note from a parent will excuse only one days absence, any more than one day a note from the doctor is required. If your child does not participate in gym, they will not be permitted to go outside for recess either.