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    Coaches Corner

    Greetings Eagle families and thank you for visiting our NEW webpage!
    Our mission is to keep parents and children informed on all the exciting 
    activities that take place during Physical Education (PE) class.

    Elementary PE class is the highlight of the week for many children. It’s 
    a place for them to play and socialize with classmates while receiving 
    the GIFT of exercise. In addition to the fun games and activities we 
    have planned, basic nutrition, anatomy and physiology information will 
    be woven into our daily lessons.

    Collaborating with the Classroom Teachers to improve reading and 
    vocabulary is our professional goal. Word walls, word balls, posters, 
    charts, health, fitness and sport articles will be posted for your 
    children to READ when in the gym. We have incorporated an entire unit of 
    word games mixed with physical tasks (Scrabble Scramble) to fire up 
    those brains as we play!

    Take a look at our calendar to see what we have planned for the year!

                                      “Gym Time is Fun Time”