Ms. Erin Skahill - Principal

  • Eagle Elementary is one of the largest of the seven elementary schools in our community and we are proud of the comprehensive experience and services we provide. At the present time, approximately 600 students in grades K through 5 and 36 students in Pre K benefit from the rigorous, academic, social and emotional program instituted in our school.

    Our educational programs are designed to meet the needs of all children in a warm and safe environment.    Our diverse environment promotes empowerment to learn through effective instructional leadership and we challenge our students to learn through problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Our instruction is varied, and reflects the most up to date research on cognitive brain development and learning patterns. Our teachers participate in ongoing training and development that sharpens their skills and expands their base of knowledge.

    We continue our partnership with Dr. Linda Bausch implementing balanced literacy in the primary and intermediate grades. Under the coaching and mentoring of Dr. Bausch, the teachers will continue to refine and learn the structures, methods and expectations for a balanced literacy workshop.

    Our “whole child” culture also reflects our dedication to the personal and social needs of our children. These behaviors are evidenced in our character education program, extensive "special" programs and curricula, structured and unstructured play areas, the Imagination Station, Wonder Room and a highly effective support staff. All of these initiatives help our students to become responsible and productive members of society.  At Eagle we strive to nurture each child in ways that are unique and focused.

    We are proud of the excellent teaching staff at Eagle, not only because of their high level of training and expertise, but for their commitment and dedication to the success of each and every child.  Teachers make themselves available whenever possible for extra help, as well as formal and informal conferences with parents and the community.

    Welcome to Eagle Elementary School. We are pleased to have you as a member of our school and community.

Ms. Erin Skahill