Robert Epstein - Principal

  • Dear Canaan Families,

    It is truly an honor to serve as the Principal of Canaan Elementary School.  Since joining the Canaan Team in 2008, it has become abundantly apparent what a special school Canaan is.  I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to interact with approximately 600 students and 70 faculty members daily!  Every day at Canaan provides us unique opportunities to learn and grow together.  As members of the Patchogue-Medford Community, all at Canaan are committed to ensuring that the Physical, Emotional, Academic and Social (P.E.A.S) aspects of our lives are cultivated so that we can realize our own unique potential.  We are committed to providing differentiated learning experiences for our students and maintain our commitment to possessing and encouraging within others a growth mindset so that we are comfortable taking risks and learning from our mistakes. Our students and staff are dedicated to promoting kindness throughout our school, community and the world at large. 

    Canaan Elementary school, where “Kindness Links us Together!”     

Robert Epstein