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    7th Grade HW

    Homework Assignments for the Second Quarter 


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    7          Columbus Day is a national holiday.  Yet some Americans oppose the celebration.  In two detailed paragraphs (a paragraph should have at least five sentences), support each point of view.  One point of view: Explain why Columbus Day is a national holiday.  Another point of view: Why should Columbus Day NOT be a national holiday?


    8           In his day, Benjamin Franklin was a well-known journalist and diplomat.  He was also well known for his scientific experiments and inventions (bifocals, odometer, electricity experiments.)  Make a list of at least three inventions that you think would make people’s lives easier, healthier or just more fun.  For each of your ideas, explain how you think it might work, whom it would benefit, and if you think it will ever be used and/or when it would be used. 


    9          Delivering an Editorial- You are a television reporter with a time machine.  You have gone back to 1734 to report on the trial of John Peter Zenger.  Write and deliver a one-minute editorial of at least 200 words explaining why you think he should or should not be found guilty. 


    10        “No taxation without representation!” cried the American patriots.  Today, taxes spread the cost of services across the entire population.  In a three paragraph response, discuss in one paragraph: 1) What are the benefits of this system?  In the second paragraph: 2) What are the disadvantages?  In the third paragraph: 3) Discuss three reasons some Americans complain about taxes today.  


    11            You are an American in 1775.  War between the rebels and the British seems certain!  Decide whether you will become a Loyalist or a Patriot.  Explain the facts and ideas that led to your decision. Write a response of at least two paragraphs.  Each paragraph should have at least five sentences.  


    12            After the Declaration of Independence was issued, enslaved Africans sent petitions to state legislatures asking for freedom.  How might they have used the Declaration of Independence to support their demands?  Write a one paragraph response of at least five sentences.


    Grade 8

    7 What impact do you think the efforts of muckrakers during the Progressive Era had on life in the United States today? Two paragraphs