Ms. Montalto's Home & Careers Class

  • Welcome to Home and Careers (Family and Consumer Science)...

    Home and Careers is a course designed to help middle level students live in a society of constant change and to improve their quality of life by preparing them to meet their present and future responsibilities as family members and community members, consumers, home managers, and wage earners. The goal is to educate early adolescents to think constructively, make sound decisions, solve problems, and manage resources wisely. 

    Students live in a rapidly changing and ever increasingly complex world. Our students are future family, community and career leaders, and citizens. As citizens of tomorrow, students need to be able to synthesize information, utilize prior knowledge, work cooperatively, and apply critical thinking skills as they progress along their divergent paths. Family and Consumer Science:Home and Careers, provides resources and tools to help empower students by engaging them in experiential activities that will help guide them into the future. 

    The following units of study will be covered this year:

    Following Directions/Listening Skills








    Nutrition and Wellness

    Tobacco/Smoking Prevention

    Alcohol Prevention


    HIV & AIDS