Secondary S.T.E.M., Math and Science

  • The secondary math and science departments at the Patchogue-Medford School District are committed to providing high quality instruction to our students in an engaging, meaningful way.  Our comprehensive course offerings provide students with an opportunity to explore many different facets of both academic areas.  By fostering the skills of critical and analytical thinking, creativity, reasoning and collaborative teamwork, we hope to provide the next generation of well-rounded citizens with the tools to solve the problems of tomorrow.

Educational Credo

  • I believe in educating the whole child.

    I believe that children learn through many different modalities.

    I believe that all students should have equitable access to quality education.

    I believe that children learn best in an atmosphere of trust, care and compassion.

    I believe that curricula should highlight role models for all student groups within the school community.

    I believe that facilitating student choice and student voice within the school community empowers children and helps to develop personal confidence and self-esteem.

    I believe that I have a moral and professional obligation to carry out the tenets of my Education Credo, along with those of the District’s Mission and Vision.

Mr. Lou Stellato
  • Mr. Lou Stellato
    Director of Secondary STEM, Mathematics and Science

    Tom Anello, Chairperson