Dr. Michelle Kwon - Principal

  • To the Saxton Middle School Families,

    “No one succeeds alone. Never walk alone in your future paths.” Sonia Sotomayor 1 St Latina Supreme Court Justice

    The Saxton Middle School community, families, faculty/staff, and students all work together to support the whole child by continuing to support each other through consistent visibility and accessibility. As the proud principal of Saxton Middle School, I bring with me 20 years of experience with my first sixteen years as a dual certified teacher, an English Director, and an Assistant Principal for grades 6-12. The middle school years are a unique time because our children have the opportunity to explore their curiosity and to take risks in a safe space. The administrative team and I will continue to prepare and support our families, faculty/staff, and students by giving them the time to question, to reflect, and to take ownership of his/her own education. We will always keep in mind that educating the whole child gives our students the opportunity to surpass any limitations and prepare them for whatever comes their way.

Ms. Kwon