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    At the Patchogue-Medford School District, we all have a shared responsibility to demonstrate compassion and sensitivity for those around us that may be having difficulty dealing with the stressors of everyday life.  Students may at times feel alone, isolated and even hopeless when faced with the challenges of school and life. These feelings can easily disrupt their academic performance and cause other emotional issues with potentially serious consequences.  The first important step in trying to help someone in distress is to See the situation for what it is.

    Say Something

    Students exhibiting troubling behaviors are likely having difficulties in various settings both inside and outside of the classroom. Trust your intuition and instincts – if you See something that doesn’t look right, Say something about it.

    Do Something

    Sometimes students cannot, or will not turn to family or friends. Do Something! Your expression of concern may be a factor in changing someone’s life – and possibly saving the life of that person and others. 

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    Please click the banner below to say something. 

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