Human Resources

  • Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
    Joey J. Cohen, Ed.D.

    Dr. Cohen has worked in education for over twenty years working as a teacher, assistant principal, principal, and is currently serving the Patchogue-Medford Community as the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources. Dr. Cohen earned his Bachelor of Arts from SUNY Oswego, Master’s Degree from Dowling College, Administrative Certificate from Stony Brook University, and Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University.

    Dr. Cohen has many family members in the field of education, including his wife who is a special education teacher. He has a son in college who shares his passion for learning, cooking and tennis. Dr. Cohen fundamentally believes that all children can learn, but realizes that students develop at different times, and require varied instructional methodologies to find success.  He believes that teachers and parents are the biggest influence in a child’s life and that working together, all children will thrive academically and socially. 

    Dr. Cohen believes that a positive atmosphere founded on professional discretion, collaboration and teamwork breeds a strong, healthy learning community where every child will reach his or her full potential. He is passionate about recruiting exceptional candidates for our students, and believes that is the most important part of his responsibilities. He enjoys working with the entire Patchogue-Medford Community to provide a culture founded on mutual trust and collaboration. 


    • I believe we all need to be accountable for our actions.
    • I believe in attitude over aptitude.
    • I believe that showing up every day with your best energy is the key to empowerment and success.
    • I believe we all need to find an appropriate work/life balance to take care of our mental/physical health.
    • I believe that we are all responsible for the culture of the District.
    • I believe we need to maintain perspective to aid in understanding our individual differences.
    • I believe we all need to be proud of who we are without fear of judgment.
    • I believe in the success of every child given the right guidance and support.
    • I believe that we all have unique gifts and it is our charge to help develop them.
    • I believe that each day is filled with possibilities.
    • I believe in a growth mindset over a fixed mindset.

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Dr. Cohen