Ryan T. Cox

Director of Athletics, Health and Physical Education

  • The Patchogue-Medford Athletic Program is one that is rich in history and tradition. As the proud Athletic Director of this fine school district, I am very fortunate to be afforded the opportunity to witness the amazing accomplishments of our student-athletes and work collegially with our coaches, administrators, and community members to ensure that we provide the very best experience for our student-athletes.

    As a program, we strive for excellence on the playing field/court and in the classroom. Our student-athletes are immersed in an environment that fosters this mission as our coaches, faculty members and administration are dedicated to creating this positive atmosphere.

    Participation on an athletic team promotes strong values and positive character traits such as teamwork, camaraderie, accountability, commitment, and loyalty. At Patchogue-Medford, we develop the ‘Whole Child’ and promote P.E.A.S.: Physical Growth, Emotional Growth, Academic Growth and Social Growth. Athletics encourages this development and is essential so that our children may recognize their own unique potential.

    Patchogue-Medford is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle and lifelong love of learning. The Department of Athletics, Physical Education, Health Education, and Nurses strive to teach these values and through positive reinforcement and a professional and dedicated staff, we encourage our students and athletes to be lifelong learners and develop the love of living a healthy lifestyle.

    Ryan T. Cox
    Director of Athletics, Health and Physical Education.