Business, Budgeting and Finance

  • Educational Credo

    I believe that the Business Office plays an integral role toward the successful educational experience of our students.

    I believe that the operational supports we provide are the engine that enables the District to function on an everyday basis.

    I believe that the safety of our students, staff, and faculty are paramount regardless of whether they are travelling on our buses, walking around our grounds, or utilizing our building spaces.

    I believe that making nutritious food available for our students will enhance their ability to learn and help to increase student performance.       

    I believe that our cleaning efforts and disinfecting protocols will help us navigate this unprecedented time and provide for the health and well-being of parents, students, faculty and staff during this pandemic.

    I believe that our endeavors in the field of technology will improve our abilities to deliver a diverse variety of educational materials to help make our students’ educational experiences more meaningful.  

    I believe that putting together a responsible budget will enable us to meet the goals of our Superintendent of Schools as we strive to fulfill the vision that has been established for our District.

    I believe in transparent financial reporting and presentations that are clear and easy for the community to understand to foster improved participation and engagement.  

    I believe that the Business Office has a fiduciary obligation to ensure that public funds are properly utilized and accounted for at all times.

    I believe that the financial controls that have been established to protect these monies, and our adherence to the governance provided, will continue the excellent fiscal standing that the District has achieved over the past several years.

    I believe in continuously seeking and identifying ways to improve our operating efficiencies for the benefit of the District.

  • Frank Mazzie
    Assistant Superintendent for Business and Operations