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    Donna Jones, Ed.D.

    I am humbled and honored to now serve as the Deputy Superintendent of Schools! I am grateful to the Board of Education and the Superintendent, Dr. Michael Hynes, for their confidence in me! I will continue to work collaboratively as Deputy Superintendent in order to move initiatives, programs and projects forward for the benefit of students, staff and the community.

    I have worked in the field of education for over twenty-five years. During that time, I have faithfully served districts in roles ranging from District Treasurer/Accountant up to and including Superintendent of Schools. Although the majority of my experiences are in the area of leading and managing business operations, I also have a great deal of experience in managing Human Resource Departments as well as labor relations.

    I have entered my ninth year of working for the Patchogue-Medford School District and have found it to be a phenomenal district where the Board of Education, administrators, teachers, staff, and residents truly care about students and their community. It is gratifying and refreshing to work for a district where stakeholders work collaboratively for the greater good and it certainly encourages me to strive for additional ways to provide my overall support.

    I hold a Bachelors in Accounting and a Masters in Public Administration from Baruch College, a Professional Degree from Long Island University, a Certificate in Labor Relations from Cornell University, and a Doctoral Degree in Education Administration from St. John’s University.

    It is my desire to utilize my skillsets in order to provide innovative and creative opportunities for all. Through the ebbs and flows of fiscal years, my goal is always to understand, learn, collaborate and model excellence. I look forward to continuing to serve this great district for years to come!

    Please peruse the page and be sure to take a look at our Business Newsletter. I welcome your questions, concerns and commentary.

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