Moshman's Geometry

  • Welcome to Mrs. Moshman’s Geometry Class

    Room 375


    1.  A 2" binder is NECESSARY for THIS COURSE ONLY: I provide students with a tremendous number of handouts.  A binder is necessary to remain organized!  

    2.  Colored pencils

    3.  pen/pencil are necessary for this course EVERY DAY!

    4.  $5.00 provides a geotool, protractor, pencil case, AND regents review book to be ordered in April/May.


    Extra Help: ROOM 374


    Monday & Wednesday:  1:55 – 2:30pm

    **(you need to be in the room by 2pm)**


    Thursday:  7:15 – 7:45am

    Note:  Wednesday is for Geometry ONLY -- Monday and Wednesday is a Mixed Extra help with Computer Science students.

    Note to parent/guardian: /webpages/cmoshman2/procedures.cfm?subpage=1417579