2023-2024 Extracurricular Clubs and Intramural Programs

Club Name Club Description Time Frame Offered
All School Musical A chance to let your talent soar and shine on stage. Show dates March 22nd , 23rd
Art Club Exploring a variety of activities and materials including painting,drawing and sculpture. Select Wednesdays, room#317
Buddies Club Objective to get students to meet, make friends,socialize and share time together. Two meetings/month, room#304
Chess Club Game of chess, provide networking opportunities, promote the development of strategic critical thinking skills for realistic and future usage, and to encourage adherence to the code of ethics pertaining to the game. Starting Jan.-TBD-room#211 or Library
Creative Writing Club For students who enjoy creative writing. To explore and practice various writing methods and genres. Thursday- room#316
Empowering Minds Bulletin board topics cover self-care, positivity, empathy, resilience, diversity, individuality, critical thinking and motivation/engagement. bulletin boards will be updated monthly
Game Club For students who want to socialize and interact with peers to increase their SEL, problem solving and self confidence while playing a variety of games. Meetings in room #306 or room #304
Gay/Straight Alliance Club This club is a student-run organizations that unites LGBTQ+ and allied youth to build community and organize around issues impacting them in their schools and communities. Room# 209, every other Thursday
General Organization This club is for any student who wants to help promote community and school spirit through the planning of organized events. Monthly meetings via Zoom or room #202
Girls Inc. This is an all-girls supporting environment. Interactive and engaging sessions cover topics including Social Media, Body-image myths, Leadership & Advocacy Understanding Money & Budgets and Healthy Relationships. Wednesdays after school room# 318
Grade 8 Club Students will be involved in planning and selecting events for the 8th grade class. As events occur
Grade 6 Club Students will be involved in planning and selecting events for the 8th grade class. As events occur
Homework Club Students can work collaboratively and quietly discuss their work. Students will be able to seek support from their peers and teachers. Monday room# 304, Wednesday room#212
Intramurals Soccer Gym (Nov - Feb) dates & times TBA
Intramurals Boys Basketball Gym (Nov - Feb) dates & times TBA
Intramurals Floor Hockey Gym (Feb-May) dates & times TBA
Intramurals Badminton Gym (Feb-May) dates & times TBA
Intramurals Golf Gym (Nov - Feb) dates & times TBA
Intramurals Weightlifting Gym (Nov - Feb) dates & times TBA
Kindness Club Students will explore social emotional pieces of learning and performing acts of kindness to those around them, community, school and self. Room 308- Meetings once a month
Lt. Michael Murphy Club Discussion on why Lt. Murphy is honored in Patchogue-Medford High School. Discussions and learning about the history of our Military. Military morals, integrity, duty, respect, selfless service, honor and personal courage. Write thank you cards to the veterans' 9/11,10/23,11/06,11/20,12/04,12/18,1/15,1/29
NJHS In National Junior Honor Society students who maintain 90% average or above during their 6th and 7th grade years will be invited to apply for membership. A focus on Community and how it can be improved by student involvement. meetings in the Library, once a month
Peer Leadership Selected students will be trained in peer mediation practices and engage in a variety of leadership opportunities throughout the school year throughout the school day
School Store Club Provide opportunities to develop life skills. Provide a convenient way to obtain school supplies. Select students will take turns during the school year. meetings in the Guidance office, 2x month
Wellness Club This club is for students who are interested in making a positive impact at the South Ocean Middle School by collaborating with one another to host school-wide mental health awareness events. This club will focus on topics such as wellness, mental health, mindfulness, suicide prevention, bullying prevention and much more. November and March-Dates TBD