Superintendent's Welcome

Dr. Jones
  • Superintendent of Schools
    Donna Jones, Ed.D.

    “All Means All”

    I am humbled and honored to serve this great district, where we celebrate and welcome diversity and equity for all students! This premise is personified in our theme for the year, “All Means All”. I recognize that in this post pandemic world, the manner in which we support the academic, social, emotional and physical well-being of our students has changed dramatically. Yet our team of administrators, teachers and support staff are prepared to meet all students where they are and help them to grow and thrive.

    With thirty years of service in the field of education and thirteen years of service to Patchogue- Medford, I can unequivocally proclaim that Patchogue-Medford is a phenomenal district, where the Board of Education, administrators, teachers, staff, and residents truly care about the students and the community at large. It is gratifying and refreshing to work for a district where stakeholders work collaboratively for the greater good and it certainly encourages me to strive for additional ways to provide my overall support.

    As we continue to sort through the challenges of the post pandemic world, my commitment is to continue to provide a warm, welcoming and nurturing environment, where all students will achieve their full potential!


  • It is my desire to utilize my skillsets in order to provide innovative and creative opportunities for all. Through the ebbs and flows of the year to come, my goal will be to understand, learn, collaborate and model excellence and my guide, in doing so, will be my Education Credo which is:

    I believe in educating the Whole Child.

    I believe that all children can learn regardless of race, gender, socio-economic status or disability.

    I believe that high quality instruction provided by a nurturing teacher has the greatest impact on student academic success.

    I believe that it is my responsibility to provide equitable access to a quality education for all students.

    I believe that all children require social and emotional supports for success.

    I believe that it takes a village to raise a child.

    I believe in the power of student voice and choice in developing confidence and self-esteem in all children.

    I believe that there are multiple pathways to graduation.

    I believe that I have a moral and professional obligation to carry out the tenets of my Education Credo for the benefit of the students, staff, District and community.

    I look forward to continuing to move our District onward and upward together!