Fashion Designing & Merchandising

  • Teacher:
    Jennifer Schragel

    Program Overview:

    For students interested in the fashion industry, this course provides an opportunity to learn about various aspects of fashion from how products are developed, sourced, designed, manufactured, marketed, and sold to consumers at both retail and wholesale. The course will allow students to use their creativity to design clothing and apparel by applying project-based learning activities to demonstrate their ability to manufacture the concepts they have developed. Students enrolled will work in collaboration with industry professionals, colleges, and their peers on aspects related to the fashion industry. The curriculum synthesizes the individual aesthetic of the designer with an understanding of the market, historical context of fashion and costume, consumer psychology, materials, and techniques of apparel construction.

    Merchandising allows students to study the business and marketing aspects of fashion, particularly how the production, distribution, and promotion of goods and services in fashion and retail are developed and delivered to the consumers. Students will research how consumers are influenced by external factors which cause them to purchase products. Students will identify where they can source materials and supplies needed to create, manufacture and produce apparel and accessories.

    Academic Credit: Students who successfully complete the two-year sequence are eligible to receive one English Language Arts (ELA) credit which can be applied towards commencement.

    College Articulation Agreements:

    Long Island University (LIU Post) Fee: $295

    FM12: Business of Fashion and Merchandising (3 Credits)

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