Why Choose CTE?

  • CTE Features: 

    • Hands-on/minds-on learning 
    • Interdisciplinary learning 
    • Authentic problem solving 
    • Industry partnerships 
    • Early career experiences 

    CTE Outcomes: 

    • Increased graduation rates 
    • Career and college readiness 
    • Equity for underserved students 
    • Student motivation and engagement 
    • Academic and technical proficiency 
    • Creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication 

    CTE Advantages: 

    • CTE programs allow students to earn cost-free industry certifications.  Certifications provide students with a competitive advantage over their job-seeking peers after graduation. CTE offers the skills and training needed to pass certification exams and covers the costs associated with the exam, saving parents thousands of dollars.  
    • CTE programs give students the opportunity to connect with potential employers.  Students meet industry professionals who can help with their future career goals.  They also participate in work-based learning activities and field trips. 
    • CTE is a College Prep program. CTE programs not only allow students to earn college credits while in high school through dual enrollment but can also reduce the overall cost of post-secondary education because students can earn college credits for the CTE coursework completed in high school.  
    • CTE is STEAM. CTE programs incorporate science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, using an interdisciplinary approach in each of their respected fields of study.  
    • CTE also provides students with 21st Century transferable skills. These vital skills are necessary both in the workforce and in post-secondary education (communication, critical thinking, computer skills, teamworketc.).