Teaching as a Profession

  • Teacher:
    Teresa Perez

    Program Overview 

    The education field is looking for new ideas and strategies that will support the needs of the students in the classroom. Careers in education can vary depending on the grade level being taught or the educational setting you are practicing your specialty area. With many educators retiring within the next 10 years, a need to fill these positions will be in demand throughout Long Island. Students who pursue the education field can become teachers, guidance counselors, administrators, school psychologist, school social workers, education technology specialist, school librarians, career counselors, deans, computer aids, speech pathologist, physical therapist, and occupational therapist. Each area gives you the opportunity to support someone whether through instructional strategies or guidance in obtaining the goals they have set out for themselves.

    In year one students will be introduced to child development and early childhood education grades Pre-k to 6.  Students receive instruction on comprehending the development of a child prior to entering the school setting as well as the methodologies used to educate students in their primary years. Instruction will be given through in-class theoretical principles that are applied in early childhood education as well as in-person practical experiences. These experiences will be given to students using the eleven school buildings we operate in the school district. During the first year, students will visit and intern at our morning and aftercare programs, assist classroom teachers with instruction, and plan instructional activities suitable to the student's age group and abilities. In the program's second year, students will begin working with teachers and support team members at the secondary level throughout the district. They will receive instruction on teaching careers and special support positions at the secondary level. These positions will include teachers in academic areas, guidance counselors, school social workers, special education, school support staff and administrative positions.

    Academic Credit: Students who successfully complete the two-year sequence are eligible to receive one commencement level English Language Arts (ELA) credit.

    College Articulation Agreements: 

    Long Island University (LIU Post) fees $295

    EDI 41A: Nurturing Young Children's Development

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