Computer Technology/Networking

  • Teacher:
    Jeffrey Gonzales

    Program Overview 

    Today’s fastest growing career areas are computers, networking, and computer-related fields. Join the action by enrolling in the Computer Technology and Networking Program to prepare for a variety of related careers in the Information Technology field through hands-on practice, demonstrations, guest speakers, field trips, job shadows, and internships.  Computer Technology & Networking is a two-year program beginning with the fundamental skills and concepts required to maintain, configure, and troubleshoot the hardware and software components of a computer workstation. The program then progresses through the specific knowledge and practical skills needed to assemble and maintain Computer Networks. 

    In year one students acquire an understanding of computer components and functionality, including motherboards, CPU’s, memory, storage devices, firmware, BIOS, partitioning, installation and configuration of operating systems, virus and malware removal, and basic network connectivity and configuration.  Practical knowledge is gained as students install, maintain, and upgrade hardware and software on their own workstation and then connect that workstation into a network of their design. Year two is a challenging course focused on networking topics, from fundamentals to advanced applications and services. Students engage in hands-on experiences with firewall and wireless configurations, configuring switches and routers, network cabling, network trafficking, computer data analysis, network security, wireless implementation, and advanced routing and design. Students apply and practice this knowledge through a series of both hands-on and simulated activities that reinforce their learning as they acquire the skills necessary to become Cisco certified. 

    Academic Credit: Students who successfully complete the two-year sequence are eligible to receive one commencement level Mathematics credit.

    College Articulation Agreements: 

    St. Joseph’s College Fee: $180/3 Credits  

    COM 360 Computer Communications and Networking (3 Credits) 
    COM 361 Introduction to Cisco Networking (3 Credits) 

    Suffolk Community College Fee: $171/3 Credits 

    ELT 150 The Working of Personal Computers 
    CYB 111 Routing & Switching 

    Farmingdale State College Fee: $150/3 Credits or $75/3 Credits if Free and Reduced eligible 

    BCS 208 Introduction to Networks (3 Credits) BCS 209 Routing & Switching Essentials (3 Credits) 
    BCS 209 Routing & Switching Essentials (3 Credits)

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