Law Enforcement

  • Teacher: Paul Pizzuto 

    Program Overview 

    For students interested in a career in Law Enforcement or Criminal Justice, this course provides an opportunity to learn about various aspects of work as Police and Corrections Officers, Security Guards, and other related career fields. Among units to be covered are: Criminal law, penal law, drugs, crime, crime scenes and different types of evidence, violations, misdemeanors, felonies, the court system, juvenile justice, trials, and sentencing.  Additionally, this course covers due process and the laws of arrest, search, seizure, patrol procedures, ethics, traffic investigations, communications systems, and physical training. 

    Students in this course will be required to participate in an extended fitness program as they are exposed to basic rules, regulations, and standards needed for success in a law enforcement career field. Students participate in mock trials, crime scene investigations, accident investigations, crime scene sketching, budget development, police reports, educational field trips, and community service projects. The curriculum is presented through classroom instruction, computer-based learning, and hands-on related activities with many guest speakers, demonstrations, field trips, and opportunities to experience the field of law enforcement. 

    College Articulation Agreements:

    St. Joseph’s College Fee: $180/3 Credits 

    CJ158 - Criminal Justice Administration  

    Suffolk Community College Fee: $171/3 Credits 

    CRJ201 – Human Relations & Criminal Justice (3 Credits) 
    CRJ205 – Intro to Criminal Investigations (3 Credits) 

    Farmingdale State College Fee: $150/3 Credits or $75/3 Credits (Free and Reduced Eligible) 

    CRJ100 – Intro to Criminal Justice (3 Credits)