Eastern Long Island Academy of Applied Technology

Eastern Long Island Academy of Applied Technology
  • Eastern Long Island Academy of Applied Technology (ATT) provides intensive training in occupational and technical specialties for students. ATT will be available to seniors only or students with graduating status.  Courses meet for three hours per day in well-equipped training centers and provide students with the practical job skills and experiences needed for entry-level positions or technical college entrance requirements.

    The ATT offers programs of study that are both one and/or two years in length. Seniors and/or students with graduating status will have the opportunity to take only the first year course of study of any ATT program, whether it is a one or two-year program. Successful completion of a first-year program entitles a student to five units of credit. Students may have the option after graduation from high school to complete the second year of study at ATT, but that process would not be through the Patchogue-Medford School District, but between the graduated student and ATT (there is a tuition cost that the student will be solely responsible for as a post-secondary education student). Completion of a two- year ATT program may qualify a student for a New York State Occupational Certificate. Successful students can also satisfy time and training requirements needed to take State licensing examinations. Articulation agreements with area colleges may provide advanced standing.

    Applicants to ATT programs must have senior graduating status, must maintain a minimum academic average of 70, have no more than ten unexcused absences (period or full day), have no more than one-course failure, have no out-of-school suspensions, and attend Visitor’s Day or Open House. New ATT applicants are required to complete an interest survey, attend informational meeting, and attend Visitor’s Day or Open House. All of the ATT documents must be completed by December 20, 2023, for the 2024-2025 school year.  Interested juniors may see their counselors for additional information and/or visit the ATT website at esboces.org.

    Due to contractual obligations to Eastern Long Island Academy of Applied Technology, no student will be able to drop from an ATT program of study once school begins.  All drops must take place prior to September. Once students enroll, attendance at ATT will be monitored.

    ANIMAL SCIENCE - Techniques in handling, exercising and grooming domestic animals as well as procedures and routines developed for the care, handling and breeding of laboratory animals are included in this course.

    ART, DESIGN, AND VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS - Students will learn the basics of illustration with traditional and digital media, composition, design and color theory, as well as industry standard design software programs needed on any designer’s resume.  Upon completion of the program, students may be eligible for Adobe Illustrator certification.  

    AUDIO PRODUCTION - Students gain exposure to the production techniques of live sound reinforcement, multi-track audio recording, and electronic instrumentation operation and composition basics.  Students will play an active role as audio technician, engineer and producer while learning the fundamentals of using industry standard equipment.

    AUTO BODY REPAIR AND CAR CUSTOMIZING - This course prepares students for entry level positions in automotive audio, security, appearance enhancement and detailing fields. Hands-on experience is emphasized. Students are required to dismantle automobile components, straighten metal parts and car frames, straighten dents, use filler compounds, grind, sand and prepare the car for refinishing.

    AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY - This two-year program provides students with basic skills to repair and service automobiles.

    AVIATION/PROFESSIONAL PILOT TRAINING - Students will study aerodynamics, power plants, navigation and the impact of weather systems. Some flight time is also provided as a component of this course.  Upon completion of this two-year program, students are eligible to receive two credits of Regents-level Science, and one credit of Regents-level Math.

    BARBERING - The curriculum is designed to give an overview of the barbering industry, licensing, and the opportunities for professional growth. Students who successfully complete this 500-hour course will be eligible to sit for the New York State Licensing Exam. Students must be at least 17 years of age to take the NYS Barbering Licensing Examination.

    CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER - This physical course includes anatomy, Kinesiology, injury prevention, supplementation and nutrition, and all aspects of weight and strength training.  A world- renowned staff of researchers, scientists, sports medicine specialists, and world champion athletes created the program.  This course is specifically designed to bridge the gap between   clinical exercise related coursework and the practical application of sound health and fitness programming.  Students will have an opportunity to earn a nationally recognized certification from the National Council of Strength and Fitness upon successful completion of the course.

    CULINARY ARTS/RESTAURANT OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT - Direct food handling is an integral part of this two-year course.  Students participate in planning, preparing, cooking, and serving food. Baking is provided as a one-year special placement option.   This program is accredited by the American Culinary Foundation, which allows students to take the Occupational Competency Testing Institute ACF exam.

    DENTAL CHAIRSIDE ASSISTING - Students in this program will learn how to work chair-side with dentists, prepare dental materials, perform basic business procedures and take clients’ data, including processing insurance forms.  Clinical experience is provided through the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

    ELECTRICAL TRADE and ALTERNATIVE ENERGY - Use of the National Electric Code Handbook serves as a foundation for the theoretical and practical work carried on in this program. Students learn to install, troubleshoot and repair electrical wiring systems, motors, generators and control equipment that are used in homes, offices, stores, and factories.

    HEATING VENTILATION & AIR CONDITIONING (HVAC) - Basic introduction includes the installation, service and repair of domestic, commercial and industrial refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, cooling, solar and heat pump systems.

    MARINE/MOTORSPORTS TECHNOLOGY - This course will introduce and reinforce core knowledge in engine, drive, electrical and electronics systems, fabrication processes and fork lift operation.  Students will obtain skills used in automotive, marine, motorcycle and heavy equipment.

    PHYSICAL THERAPY AIDE – Physical Therapy is a growing part of the medical industry.  Physical Therapy Aides are a crucial part of the physical therapy team.  They assist physical therapists in delivering quality care to patients.  Responsibilities of the Physical Therapy Aide include moving patients from one therapy area to another, preparing and organizing the location for the patient’s session, setting up any needed equipment, assisting with the patient’s treatment session, and fulfilling office and clerical duties such as ordering supplies or contacting patients to set up or confirm appointments.  Students will learn theoretical concepts, practice skills and experience first-hand patient skills in a clinical setting.

    PLUMBING AND HEATING - This program is designed to instruct students in the installation, service and repair of domestic sanitation systems and domestic heating units.

    PRACTICAL NURSING - Enrollment is contingent upon successful completion of the National League of Nursing Pre-Admission Examination. This 17-month program begins in the student’s twelfth year.  In the first year of the program, students will learn the basic nursing skills necessary to care for patients based on the principles of the biological, physical and social sciences. The second phase of the program (September-March), following high school graduation, is a full-time clinical experience in various affiliate hospitals and health-related facilities.

    TELEVISION, VIDEO & DIGITAL FILM PRODUCTION - This one or two-year program covers the fundamentals of television & studio production, electronic journalism and the use and maintenance of state-of-the-art commercial video/digital equipment.

    WELDING/METAL FABRICATION - Oxyacetylene gas and electric welding jobs and techniques provide for entry-level skills.  These are developed in areas from heavy ferrous material to highly specialized light metals common to Long Island industry.  Welding according to specifications and blueprints are emphasized.

    SPECIAL OCCUPATIONAL EDUCATION (SOE) - The Special Occupational Education Program (SOE) is a forty-week BOCES program designed to offer students with disabilities the opportunity to explore more than 20 occupational areas in an atmosphere that emphasizes a “hands-on” approach.  The forty-week academic year is divided into two semester-long segments during which the student may explore as many as four occupational areas.  If a student demonstrates an aptitude and a desire for a particular area, emphasis can be focused upon that field.