Program Modifications

  • It is suggested that students carefully select their academic programs. Courses that are offered at our high school are determined by student course requests. Occasionally, a student may need to drop a class after the semester has begun.  If a student has not made a concerted effort to succeed by completing class or homework, attending extra-help, participating in class, etc., the student may be withdrawn from the class and receive a withdrawal failure (WF) mark and a final grade of 50 on his/her transcript.  If a student has made the effort, then a Withdrawal (WD), in which no final grade will be assigned to the course will appear on his/her transcript. Consideration to award a WF or WD will be made as collaborative decision by the counselor, teacher, and an administrator after conversing with the parent/guardian and student.  A final recommendation will be made to the principal or academic director at which time the final determination will be made and then the parent/guardian and student will be informed. All withdrawals remain part of cumulative official high school record and thus appear on transcripts.

    The following chart may be helpful in planning a course of study at Patchogue-Medford High School.


    Grade 8

    Grade 9

    Grade 10

    Grade 11

    Grade 12

    English (4 credits required)






    Social Studies (4 credits required)






    Mathematics (3 credits required)






    Science (3 credits required)






    Physical Ed. (2 credits required)






    Art or Music (1credit required)






    World Languages (1 credit required)






    Health (.5 credit required)






    Electives (3.5 credits required)