Graduation Requirements

Required Credits
  • In addition to the minimum required credits for graduation, a student’s diploma type will be designated as follows:

    The Advanced Regents Diploma requires successful completion of the English Language Arts Regents Examination, three Regents Examinations in Math, two Regents Examinations in Science, two Regents Examinations in Social Studies and three credits in one World Language (including Level 3, and successful completion of a locally developed comprehensive exam). *

    * Achievement of five credits in Art (including Studio Art), Music (including Music Theory), Fine Art (including Studio Art), Business, Technology or Academy of Applied Technology Programs can be substituted for the three-credit World Language requirement.

    The Regents Diploma requires successful completion of five Regents Examinations (English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies) or FOUR Regents Examinations and a Pathway to Graduation.**

    The Local Diploma (available as an option for students who have an IEP) requires successful completion of the English Language Arts Regents Examination and a Math Regents Examination (typically Algebra) and successful completion of a Pathway to Graduation.**  As a  number of options exist for students with an IEP, consult with your child’s counselor for additional information.

    **A Pathway to Graduation consists of 5 elements (combination of Regents Examinations and/or CDOS experience).  To obtain this pathway, all students must meet minimum score requirements on the following 4 elements: English Language Arts, Math, Science and one Social Studies Regents Examination.  The 5th element completes the pathway and can be attained by meeting a minimum score requirement on an additional Math, Science or Social Studies Regents Examination, or by successful completion of the CDOS Pathway (completion of 216 hours of CTE coursework and/or work-based learning experiences, of which at least 54 hours must be in work-based learning experiences).

    Grade-Level Promotion Requirements

    • To be eligible for senior (grade 12) status, 16.5 credits are required.
    • To be eligible for junior (grade 11) status, 11 credits are required.
    • To be eligible for sophomore (grade 10) status, 5.5 credits are required.

    Choosing Courses

    Each student is encouraged to make course choices based on discussion with parents, counselors and review of the Program of Studies. Students have the opportunity to makes changes to their course requests after parental review and prior to the end of the programming process.

    Change of Courses

    For the 2024-2025 school year, if after reviewing course selections, your child decides to take an alternative course, please make an appointment immediately, but no later than June 5, 2024. No schedule changes after this date will be considered unless the parent/student presents ample extraordinary reasons for the requested change with the guidance counselor. For students who may have scheduling conflicts, counselors will schedule appointments to select alternative courses after June 14, 2024.

    *Please note that the 2024-2025 School Budget may change course offerings.