Expectations of Students in Honors and Accelerated Programs

  • All students are encouraged to select challenging courses.  Students who seek and accept placement into honors and accelerated courses should be aware that they are making a multi-year commitment that will culminate in Advanced Placement courses and Advanced Placement examinations, or other rigorous, high-level courses.


    Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered through College Board, the organization that sponsors the PSAT and SAT I Testing Programs. The AP Program allows students to experience college level coursework while attending high school.  The coursework is rigorous, but the opportunities and rewards are substantial.  In addition to the benefit of experiencing a college level course, many colleges may offer credit for excellent scores on the AP exam. Enrollment in AP courses also enhances opportunities for college acceptance, and many highly selective colleges require them as a prerequisite for admission.  Participation in the program demonstrates to the college admissions community the student’s willingness to challenge their academic experiences. Students enrolling in Advanced Placement courses should consider the following points: 

    1. AP courses require vigorous participation in the classroom and disciplined study efforts at home.
    2. Students may be expected to complete reading and/or preparatory assignments during the summer preceding enrollment in the AP course(s).
    3. Teacher recommendation may be required
    4. Students who elect AP courses must remain in the course for the entire year and take the AP examination for full weighting (1.10) as a culminating Registration for the AP exam will begin in the fall. Each examination has a fee. Fee reductions are available for students who demonstrate financial need and have been approved for free and/or reduced lunch. Students must meet with their guidance counselors for information on the fee waiver.
    5. The hope is that students strive to take rigorous courses and elevate their own academic expectations, but are cautioned about overextended themselves. Traditionally students who have over enrolled in higher level courses have not achieved the level of success they could have if they were more focused. It is strongly advised that all students who take multiple honors and advance placement courses meet with their counselor and or director to ensure they are overly extending themselves 

    The following AP courses are offered and each AP course has a corresponding exam that schools worldwide administer in May, except Studio in Art, which is a portfolio assessment. Please check the full course descriptions in the individual department sections for more detail. For further information, visit https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/course-index-page

    *Summer Assignment Required


    Computer Science




    Social Studies

    World Languages

    AP Photography and Media*

    AP Computer Science A

    AP English Literature

    AP Calculus AB

    AP Biology*

    AP Euro History/Government*

    AP Spanish

    AP Sculpture and Ceramics*

    AP Computer Science Principle

    AP English Language

    AP Calculus BC

    AP Chemistry*

    AP Government Politics US


    AP Studio Art Drawing*


    AP Seminar*

    AP Statistics

    AP Environmental

    AP Microeconomics



    AP Physics 1*

    AP Psychology*


    AP Seminar*

    AP US History*

    AP Research*

    AP World History*


    AP Human Geography