Full Remote Learning Plan (9-12)

  • In the event of a full closure, students will not be permitted into school buildings for any in-person activities. Under those circumstances, all academic activity will take place online.

    Should a school closure occur prior to the full implementation of live streaming (anticipated start date of January 4th), students will follow the following schedule:

    • If school closes on Monday or Tuesday- only Cohort 1 attends Full Remote and must login for live videoconferencing with teachers for periods 1-9.
    • If school closes on Wednesday- both Cohort 1 and Cohort 2 attends Full Remote and must login for live videoconferencing with teachers for periods 1-9. The teacher will use discretion as to which students should attend the lesson.
    • If school closes Thursday for Friday- only Cohort 2 attends Full Remote and must login for live videoconferencing with teachers for periods 1-9.
    • Students enrolled in the high school CTE program and students enrolled in World Languages courses will continue to login each day since live streaming has already been implemented in these courses.
    • Students will follow the bell schedule listed below.
    • Students will follow the extra-help schedule developed by the high school. This is posted on the website.

    The following plan will take effect when the high school has transitioned to 5-days a week of live streaming for all classes.

    • Students at the high school will follow their hybrid 9-period schedule and must login for live videoconferencing with teachers for periods 1-9.



    Period 1

    7:27 am – 8:03 am

    Period 2

    8:07 am– 8:47 am

    Period 3

    8:51 am – 9:31 am

    Period 4

    9:43 am – 10:23 am

    Period 5

    10:35 am – 11:15 am

    Period 6

    11:19 am – 11:55 am

    Period 7

    11:59 am – 12:35 pm

    Period 8

    12:39 pm – 1:15 pm

    Period 9

    1:19 pm – 1:55 pm

    Extra Help / PDP

    1:55 pm – 2:25 pm


    • Full year and semester courses which meet on BOTH A and B days, will meet four times per week for synchronous instruction, with the option to meet a fifth day for synchronous or asynchronous instruction when deemed necessary for curricular progress. As in a normal school year, students would be expected to complete additional independent work outside of class time. Instructional experiences for asynchronous work may include, but are not limited to, completing assignments/tasks (comparable to homework), viewing instructional videos, responding to posts from his/her teacher, conducting research, meeting with a teacher for additional supports face-to-face, engaging in online discussions with the classroom teacher or completion of project. If a teacher deems that it is necessary to run the fifth day as asynchronous instruction, students must still sign-in for attendance purposes, attendance procedures will be determined by the classroom teacher.
    • All other courses will meet synchronously according to a regular A/B schedule. It is expected that the majority of the required curricular work will be completed within these class periods each day, thereby limiting the amount of additional work and screen time.
    • Teachers will be asked to be mindful of cumulative screen time in their instructional practices. Teachers are encouraged to end a lesson at a natural ending point and not hold students for the duration of the period unless it is useful. Teachers may elect to use the last several minutes of a class to address individual questions, but may release students whom may not find those questions helpful.

    Special Education Services

    • Students who receive Resource Room will receive 180 minutes weekly of synchronous instruction.
    • All special education Related Services will be provided synchronously as indicated by the frequency and duration as indicated on a student’s IEP.

    Extra-Help, Professional Development and Office Hours

    • The teacher’s work day will be from 7:13 am - 2:25 pm.
    • Extra-help will be scheduled from 1:55 pm – 2:25 pm two days per week. The Extra-help schedule will be developed by the high school and posted on the school’s website.  Extra-help will be conducted virtually.
    • Support Staff which included guidance counselors, social workers and school psychologists are available Monday- Friday to support students. Students can email support staff to set-up a time to meet any time between 7:13 am – 2:25 pm.
    • Professional Development for teachers may be scheduled from 1:55 pm – 2:25 pm on the days that they are not scheduled for extra-help.
    • Teachers are required to conduct office hours one day per week for 30 minutes. Office hours will remain the same day as when on a hybrid model and will be posted on each teacher’s Schoology page.