• Board of Education Goals for the 2021-2022 School Year

    1. Continue engaging all necessary resources to get the five district elementary schools off of the Comprehensive School Improvement List, the three schools off of the Targeted Support list and the District off of the Targeted Support List, working collaboratively with the entire community, demonstrating measurable progress in the 2021-2022 school year.

    2. In order to meet the needs of all children, we will continue to work with all Patchogue-Medford stakeholders to educate ourselves and the entire school community to promote empathy and cultural competency be it racial, gender-related, socio-economic or specific individual educational needs. To that end, we will continue to proactively promote an anti-racism and anti-bias educational environment and will continue to update our policy documents to state that the Patchogue-Medford School District rejects all forms of bias as destructive to our mission, vision, values and goals.

    3. Increase our efforts to engage and cooperate with all levels of government regarding matters which affect the District and, as result, develop resolutions to express the School Board’s position on education-related issues and other matters as they develop.

    4. Continue social and emotional supports with an additional lens on identifying, recognizing and supporting students and staff who are having difficulty, including those having difficulty readjusting to being back in school full time.

    5. Conduct a multi-year comprehensive review and update, as necessary, of all Board of Education Policies to assure that they are consistent with Board of Education goals and practices and that all administrative practices are in conformity with the board’s policies.

    6. Conduct at least one or two Board of Education retreats to discuss items which our Board members feel are important during the 2021-2022 school year.