• Board of Education Goals for the 2022-2023 School Year

    1. The Board of Education will continue to work with the Superintendent to monitor and evaluate the District’s progress toward meeting the following Superintendent’s Goals as approved on August 29, 2022:


      1. Make progress toward moving all schools to good standing.
      2. Make progress toward closing the achievement gap for English Language Learners and Special Education students.
      3. Continue to provide for the social and emotional supports for students and staff District-wide.
      4. Continue to increase cultural competence district wide.
      5. Continue to inspire self-confidence and self-reflection in order to increase civic readiness in all students.
      6. Continue to make progress toward implementing the Security Action Plan.
    1. The Board of Education will continue to review the Board’s Goals at their quarterly work sessions and complete a Board Self- Evaluation every school year.


    1. The Board of Education will conduct at least two retreats and will attend conferences, trainings, and webinars, soliciting feedback from each board member to help improve their work during the school year.


    1. As part of the On-Boarding process the Board of Education will designate a member to mentor new Board members from the time of their election and will create a manual containing pertinent information and resources to help them during their initial year with the new member providing specific feedback on the guidance and information received.