Remote Learning Expectations for High School Students

  • Student Checklist for Learning

    The following guidelines have been established for students as best practices to prepare for each day of learning:

    • Log onto Schoology when you are at home, to check and complete school work.
    • Check your email daily. You all have access to a school email account.
    • Know your teachers' extra-help and office hours on Wednesday’s. Office hours will be posted on each teachers Schoology page.  Office hours will be either 7:30 am or 3:12 pm every Wednesday.  The extra help schedule is listed below.  Extra-help is every Wednesday. Set a schedule for yourself to utilize the supports. *if the district moves to Full Remote and is unable to run a Hybrid model, extra-help times will be adjusted
    • Ask for help if you need it. Your teachers are there to help so reach out!

    Wednesday Extra-Help Sessions

  • Students who require counseling supports or need to meet with his/her guidance counselor, school social worker or psychologist should email and make an appointment any time between 9:30 am – 3:00 pm.

    Expectations for Appropriate Online Communication

    Synchronous instruction

    • Students are expected to access remote learning on Wednesday for periods 7-9 during the scheduled time listed below for each period:
      • 7A                                  9:30-10:00        
      • 7B                                 10:03-10:33       
      • 7 Full Year                   9:30-10:30 
      • 7 Fall/Spring               9:30-10:30                        
      • 8A                                 10:36-11:06       
      • 8B                                 11:09-11:39       
      • 8 Full Year                   10:36-11:36  
      • 8 Fall/Spring               10:36-11:36        
      • 9A                                 11:41-12:11       
      • 9B                                 12:14-12:44        
      • 9 Full Year                   11:41-12:41
      • 9 Fall/Spring               11:41-12:41  

    If a student has a study hall listed on his/her schedule, that is a free period and no sign-in is required.  Use this time to complete lessons/assignments/assessments posted by other teacher(s).

    • Students must complete and submit all assignments in alignment with due dates established by teacher(s).
    • Students attending the live instruction for each class is evidence of attendance. If a student does not attend the live instruction, he/she will be marked absent.
    • For attendance purposes, when on live-instruction, students must utilize their camera function. We understand that students will be adjusting to Live instruction and we will be flexible with this during the two weeks of school.    
    • Engage with the classroom when on remote learning. Use tools (such as headphones) to focus on instructional videos, etc.
    • Take responsibility for your learning by participating, completing the assigned work, and responding to teacher posts or requests for feedback in a timely manner.
    • Students are NOT permitted to record Live Instruction.
    • During video conferences, be mindful of your environment (e.g. pictures, posters and images) and appearance. Appropriate clothing should be worn during all video conferences.
    • When Live instruction is taking place students must demonstrate online learning etiquette.
      • Be polite, positive, thoughtful, kind and patience in all your online communication with your peers and teachers. We are all navigating this new learning environment together!
      • Respectful and on topic conversations are expected.
      • Use appropriate language and tone.
      • Listen when someone else is speaking.
      • Mute audio and/or video as appropriate.
      • Appropriate language and icons must be used at all times.
      • Bullying and mean-spirited behavior will not be tolerated.
      • Educational and relevant posts are expected.
    • Students should communicate to their teacher(s) any questions they have regarding course work assignments/lessons that have been posted. Examine feedback given by teachers and seek help when needed.
    • Although on remote learning, students are members of the Patchogue-Medford School District and must adhere to the District Code of Conduct. All school rules apply when using Schoology, Zoom email or any other technology platform.  All online activity must be school-appropriate, so please be safe, responsible and respectful at all times.
    • Use equipment as outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy. If you see something that is inappropriate, SAY SOMETHING.
    • Students who have been given a district 1-1 device (currently grade 6-8 students only) must bring the device to school each day they are scheduled for in-person instruction. Devices should be fully charged at the beginning of each day.
    • Students who are experiencing technology issues should contact

    Asynchronous instruction (independent)

    • Follow directions appropriately
    • Communicate with teachers and other school support staff regarding individual needs- make sue of Extra-Help and Office Hours.
    • Demonstrate academic integrity
    • Do your best work
    • Set priorities to be productive
    • Be organized with materials and meeting times
    • Focus on completing your assignments by limiting time spent on social media.

    Synchronous learning is when classes occur on set schedules and time frames. Students and teachers are online at the same time in synchronous classes. All students must be online at that exact time in order to participate in the class.
    Examples: Video conferencing, live chat, live streamed videos

    Asynchronous learning lets students complete their work on their own time. Students are given a specific timeframe and a clear deadline for the submission of assignments.
    Examples: Email, screencasts, Flipgrid, videos, blog posts/comments