Cultural Diversity

  • With a worldwide pandemic, protests, and riots happening around the world and in our immediate communities, our lives have forever changed. Many adults are challenged to understand the indescribable. Now imagine you’re an impressionable 5-year-old seeing what’s happening on the news, or a 15 year-old seeing this on Snapchat. How do you explain this to them? Several of our students have reached out to us regarding the recent riots and concerns viewed on social media posts in our community. In response to the student's voice, it is important that we not only respond to our students with resources, but also our families as well. We will continue to supply information regarding racial support for families. 

    Additional Books on race and diversity for children: 

    • Whose Toes are Those by Jabari Asim 
    • Let's Talk About Race by Julius Lester 
    • Lovely by Jess Hong 
    • Sugar Plum Ballerinas by Whoopi Goldberg 
    • A Kids Book about Racism by Jelani Memory

    The American Psychological Association has resources for parents to openly discuss race. Below please find links to several of their resources.