Please join me in congratulating the following staff members who were selected as Employees of the Month.

    Thomas Anello, Teacher, PMHS

    This recognition is for his constant advocacy for our students in his role as a science teacher, lead teacher and coach. As the lead teacher in the Science Department he has consistently achieved great success for his students with nearly 100% of the students passing the Regents Exams. He is an extremely collaborative and devoted teacher who is highly regarded by his students, parents, colleagues and supervisors. As the wrestling coach this year, he achieved extraordinary results going all the way to the New York State Championships. This is an incredible honor and a proud milestone for our district. Mr. Anello works to develop positive relationships by sharing inspirational stories, personal anecdotes and interjecting humor into his lessons. He holds his students accountable to high standards of conduct and work ethic both in and out of the classroom. He has developed a comprehensive program for younger students to cultivate their love of sport at a young age, which has also helped to develop self-discipline, teamwork and commitment. Mr. Anello puts his heart and soul into everything he does, and he inspires his students to great success. He is always willing to go the extra mile, and we are extremely appreciative of his daily efforts. Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition!

    Jennifer McQuade, Teacher, Oregon

    This recognition is a tribute to her positive attitude and passion when working with our students. She has proven to be a resource for our new teachers and cheerleader for many building initiates. She has developed wonderful character education lessons in her class to help foster civil responsibility, compassion and trustworthiness. She has a deep-seeded belief in the importance of students being connected to the school and consistently advocates that students participate in after school clubs and extracurricular activities. Ms. McQuade actively participates in many food and clothing drives and other outreach programs, which further illustrates her commitment to the community. She leads the building Sunshine Committee which helps staff members in times of need as well as helps to celebrate congratulatory milestones. We appreciate her daily efforts and look forward to your continued contributions.

    Audra Murphy, Teacher, PMHS

    This nomination was received from the parents of her students due to the impact she has made on their academic and social progress. Ms. Murphy helps her students with organization, and most importantly helps them to self-advocate.  She consistently communicates with parents regarding student progress, and offers targeted extra help to ensure continued academic growth. In addition to supporting district professional development, she is a life-long learner who seeks out resources to support individual students. Ms. Murphy consistently demonstrates a warm, kind, and when necessary, stern disposition that helps to foster positive relationships and holds students accountable. She has been quoted as saying that “Being a teacher is the best thing in the world”, and clearly that is where her passion and commitment stems from. Thank you for being such a positive role model and mentor to our students. Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition!

    These candidates represent some of the best of Patchogue-Medford and were nominated for their positivity, work ethic, spirit of collegiality and connection with students. We are honored to celebrate their contributions and the many more staff members who continue to exemplify the traits that make Patchogue-Medford stand out!