• EOM - January

    Please join me in congratulating the following staff members who were selected as Employees of the Month.

    Christopher DeLeva, Driver, Food Service Department

    This distinction is bestowed as a result of your positive attitude and overall work ethic in the Food Service Department. You take the initiative to help out wherever you see a need without waiting to be asked, which greatly assists with the needs of the department. This is evident when you jump in to wash dishes that may be piling up or assist with wrapping apples. You will make coffee for the Faculty Café, help put supplies away, assist with taking inventory and many other numerous tasks to help to lessen the burden for others. You enjoy being active, and there is no task that you shy away from completing. You offer positive suggestions to alleviate waste, improve sales and you consistently ask questions to improve your knowledge and support your colleagues. We are proud to recognize your efforts, and we look forward to your continued contributions!

    Maria Leon-Pineros, Guidance Counselor, PMHS

    This recognition is a tribute to your advocacy in working with our English Language Learners. You go above and beyond to make sure that our students have an overview of what is needed for graduation, and you work tirelessly to ensure our students feel safe and comfortable in our schools. If necessary, you work to secure additional supports from outside agencies to build a team that works collaboratively to support academic and social success.  You consistently work with your colleagues to discuss programs that can support our students and readily attend professional development workshops to enhance your professional skillset. You have worked to support parents with evening workshops including topics such as, “Disciplining with Love”, “Strengthening Family Ties”, “The Academic Journey” and more. You assist students with the completion of lunch forms, help with medical issues, and assist with career planning.  You are a true student advocate and your passion for helping is evident in your daily interactions. We are proud to recognize your efforts, and we look forward to your continued contributions. Thank you for all you do!

    Rebecca Lumsden, Principal Office Assistant, Business Office

    The Employee of the Month distinction is awarded for your upbeat, positive disposition as well as your work ethic and problem solving abilities. Your cheery personality brightens the day for all those who you interact with both in person and through phone conversation. You are always willing to lend a helping hand regardless of whether the assignment falls under your direct responsibilities or not. You consistently work beyond your contractual hours to get the job done without concern or complaint. You possess wonderful skill-sets including being a great listener, which helps to foster relationships and diffuse concerns. You are true asset to our district, and we are proud to recognize your efforts. We look forward to your continued contributions.

    These candidates represent some of the best of Patchogue-Medford and were nominated for their positivity, work ethic, spirit of collegiality and connection with students. We are honored to celebrate their contributions and the many more staff members who continue to exemplify the traits that make Patchogue-Medford stand out!