• May

    Please join me in congratulating the following staff members who were selected as Employees of the Month.

    Jennifer Hempfling, Gr. 5, Canaan

    Ms. Hempfling is a fifth grade teacher at Canaan Elementary. She consistently goes out of her way to ensure that her students have memorable and positive experiences. She has regularly teamed up with a reporter to spotlight her students’ writing in the Kidsday section of Newsday. With this partnership that she has created her students have been able to participate in red carpet events, interviewed famous actors, singers, comedians and reviewed the latest toys during the holidays, as well as many other extraordinary experiences. As a result of her affiliation with Kidsday, her students have benefitted from increased confidence in their writing, and have been provided with cherished memories. In addition, for the last several years she has compiled a photo DVD for each fifth grade student that memorizes their time at Canaan, which the students and families love. She is extremely organized and she exhibits service leadership without ever expecting anything in return. We are proud to recognize her daily efforts and we look forward to her continued contributions. Thank you for all you do!

    Stephen Mahr, Music Teacher, PMHS

    Mr. Mahr works in our Music Department and this year he taught a new course at the High School. He devotes countless hours to ensure student enthusiasm and engagement during his lessons. His commitment to his craft is evident in the many concert performances that he conducts, as well as the accolades and awards his students receive during NYSSMA and other events. Mr. Mahr consistently volunteers to support his coworkers as an accompanist during district-wide holiday and end-of-year concerts, as well as performs in the annual High School play. His dedication and commitment to serve helps to elevate the performances and supports the music program. Additionally, he is always willing to chaperone students at various events to support their growth and celebrate their accomplishments. His Jazz Band has been extremely active in playing at community events, which not also provides the students with practice in an authentic setting, but also strengthens the school to community relationship. We appreciate his dedication to our students, staff and community and look forward to his continued contributions.

    Patchogue-Medford Elementary SFSW’s including Maureen Andersen, Maureen Burch, Christine Zumpol, Diane Ilardi, Eileen Quinn, Marianne Taddei, Barbara Paganica

    The Elementary Senior Food Service Workers are an outstanding group of individuals who demonstrated tremendous initiative to implement and grow the Breakfast in the Classroom program. Through their collective efforts this program has become extremely successful, and is widely recognized as one of the top programs in New York State. It takes a great deal of coordination and organization to ensure that every student receives the breakfast of their choosing in a timely manner while limiting the disruption to the instructional program. The Breakfast in the Classroom program embraces our “whole child” philosophy, and your direct supervisors see the effort you put forth to make this initiative successful for our students. Your willingness to embrace change to implement this program is a testament to your commitment to serve, and we truly appreciate your daily efforts. We look forward to your continued contributions. Congratulations!

    These candidates represent some of the best of Patchogue-Medford and were nominated for their positivity, work ethic, spirit of collegiality and connection with students. We are honored to celebrate their contributions and the many more staff members who continue to exemplify the traits that make Patchogue-Medford stand out!