• EOM - March

    Please join me in congratulating the following staff members who were selected as Employees of the Month.


    Gino Castellano, Office Applications Specialist, Technology

    Mr. Castellano works as an Office Applications Specialist in our Technology Department. He received several nominations for this distinction as a result of his responsiveness to staff needs. He consistently answers emails quickly, even if they are received over the weekend. In addition, while many questions can be answered via phone call or an email, Mr. Castellano will take the time to visit the buildings and explain answers to staff. He then takes the time to instruct them on how to resolve issues on their own in the future. During his interactions with teachers, he interjects humor and he always maintains a level of respect despite the simplicity of the question asked or the level of skill a staff member possesses. He consistently suggests programs and websites that assist teachers in supporting student growth. His enthusiasm and efforts when it comes to assisting our students and staff are greatly appreciated, and we look forward to his continued contributions.


    Dawn Lever, Kindergarten Aide, Canaan

    Ms. Lever works as a kindergarten aide at Canaan Elementary. Through her everyday interactions, she makes the children feel loved, appreciated and capable. She frequently challenges them to be more independent by celebrating their successes.  Ms. Lever’s colleagues have described her as a natural caretaker, always ready to give hugs bandage boo boo’s and help support the academic program. Even though it is not a part of her responsibilities, she will often share ideas and articles to support holiday celebrations or STEM activities. Ms. Lever has her own prize box that she uses to support random acts of kindness, sight word recognition, math Bingo games and other successes such as when students learn how to tie their shoes or zip their coats. For these reasons we are proud to celebrate her daily efforts and recognize you with the Employee of the Month distinction. We look forward to her continued contributions!


    Heather Prince-Skulavik, Speech Teacher, Canaan

    Ms. Prince-Skulavik is a speech teacher at Canaan Elementary. She has made a significant impact on our staff through her patience, friendly disposition, and willingness to support colleagues with any situation. She has a wonderful attitude that helps to foster a positive culture in the building. She consistently helps colleagues enhance their craft, and she sees students as individuals. She strives to differentiate instruction to strengthen students’ skills through a team-based approach. Ms. Prince-Skulavik is a regular member of the buildings Instructional Support Team and she helps to facilitate discussion to support student growth.  Her enthusiasm and efforts when it comes to assisting our students and staff are greatly appreciated, and we look forward to her continued contributions. Thank you for all you do!


    These candidates represent some of the best of Patchogue-Medford and were nominated for their positivity, work ethic, spirit of collegiality and connection with students. We are honored to celebrate their contributions and the many more staff members who continue to exemplify the traits that make Patchogue-Medford stand out!