• EOM February


    Please join me in congratulating the following staff members who were selected as Employees of the Month.

    Joseph Augello, Part Time Custodian, PMHS

    Mr. Augello works as a part time custodian in the Central Kitchen area at Patchogue-Medford High School. Not only does he complete his responsibilities to a high standard, but his professionalism and character are a model for others to replicate. When interacting with the student high school workers, he helps to motivate them by offering encouragement and assisting in mentoring them with certain tasks. He has the patience of a saint, and with his guidance he helps to ensure our student workers are afforded a meaningful work experience in a supportive, caring environment. Mr. Augello has been seen giving our students high fives in support of their hard work, and he consistently tells the teacher supervisor how amazing the students do their jobs. All of his interactions are genuine and sincere, and his positive disposition is a wonderful attribute.  His enthusiasm and efforts are greatly appreciated, and we look forward to his continued contributions.

    Manny Sanzone, Principal, Saxton

    Mr. Sanzone is the principal of Saxton Middle School, and an exemplary member of our administrative team. In addition to his vast responsibilities, he has been organizing the district-wide holiday raffle for the past fifteen years. Mr. Sanzone enlists his family and friends to support the raffle with generous donations that help to raise significant proceeds. The monies raised from this event assist in providing countless gifts to the families in our community, who otherwise would not be afforded a celebratory holiday season. Mr. Sanzone possesses extraordinary servant leadership, he has a huge heart, and he exudes tremendous commitment and dedication to the Patchogue-Medford Community. Mr. Sanzone never seeks the spotlight for his efforts, but his longstanding commitment to community service does not go unnoticed, and for that, we are proud to celebrate his accomplishments! Congratulations!

    Robin Spigonardo, Part Time Clerical, Child Care

    Ms. Spigonardo is a part time clerical aide working in our child care program. She recently filled in for the Director of School Age Child Care while she was on a leave. During that time, she stepped right in and assisted our group leaders and parents with every facet related to the operations of the program. If she was unable to answer any questions immediately, she took the time to research information and made sure to get back to parents and staff in a timely manner. She helped our staff and families navigate the child care website, and offered new helpful ways to find information. Ms. Spigonardo demonstrates a positive, upbeat disposition, and we appreciate her willingness to assist during the Director’s absence to ensure the continuity of the program. Her enthusiasm and efforts when it comes to assisting our students and staff are greatly appreciated, and we look forward to her continued contributions.

    These candidates represent some of the best of Patchogue-Medford and were nominated for their positivity, work ethic, spirit of collegiality and connection with students. We are honored to celebrate their contributions and the many more staff members who continue to exemplify the traits that make Patchogue-Medford stand out!