Active Learning at South Ocean Middle School

Active Learning at South Ocean Middle School

Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 with Primary Sources

  • Guest Speakers visit Oregon Middle School and PM High School
    Retired NYPD Officer Kim Cowell
    Retired FDNY Firefighter Tom Prin

PMHS Generation Citizen New York City Presentations 2021

  • PMHS Generation Citizen students presented virtually instead of going to New York City for their annual meet. Congratulations to all students and their teachers, Mr. Carlson and Ms. Connelly-Foster.

Virtual Civics Day 2021

  • PMHS Generation Citizen class is on the move with their virtual presentations to make a better community and school. Thank you to teachers Ms. Connelly-Foster and Mr. Carlson, and of course our awesome students!

PMHS Black History Month - Student Projects Display 2021

Middle Schools

  • Lots of great lessons and activities taking place in celebration of Black History Month. The bulletin board display is located outside of the main office at South Ocean Middle School.

    Visiting Mr. Cipriano's remote Social Studies class for a great discussion and close read on the annexation of Hawaii.

PMHS Women's History Month Student Project Display 2021