• This year we will be studying many different types of texts and genres. There are 3 main units of reading; Mystery, Non-Fiction, and Poetry. At the beginning of the year, we focus on choosing 'just right' books and we explore our classroom library. Throughout the year, the students practice building their reading stamina, which means they read for a period of time and stay focused for the whole time. (They have done an AWESOME job!) We will also be reading many different amazing novels throughout the year. Throughout these novels, we will study character traits, setting, plot, and many more literary features. The students will work collaboratively to dive deeper into these novels.  




    Each week students will be assigned spelling words. They are responsible for practicing and completing spelling homework throughout the week. These assignments should be complete in their Word Study Notebooks. 

    English Spelling Matrix 

    Spanish Spelling Matrix 



    Spelling List- 

    Week of 11/18-11/25



    Spelling Games

    Spelling City