• Music Lesson Procedures

    The lesson group is designed to work with students on individual instruments and voice parts so that instruction and assessment can take place, as it is not possible in a large ensemble setting.  These lessons cannot be duplicated accurately outside of the scheduled lesson with other students on the same instrument or voice part. 

    Other than for the following reasons, students should attend their regularly scheduled music lesson.

    Permitted Reasons to Withhold a Student from a Music Lesson:

    • Speaking assessment
    • Listening assessment
    • Guest speaker
    • Science laboratory activity (that cannot be accomplished outside of the lab period)
    • Field Trip
    • Test or Quiz review the class day prior to an assessment.
    • Other situation that cannot be reasonably duplicated accurately outside of the classroom

    To help facilitate the delivery of instruction for both their classroom teacher and music teacher, students are expected to:

    • Remind their classroom teacher of a lesson prior to missing class.
    • Collect and complete missed classroom assignments, notes or homework.
    • Make-up all missed worked according to their classroom teacher’s make-up protocol.
    • Attend make-up small group music lessons according to their music teacher’s make-up protocol if unable to attend their regularly scheduled music lesson.

    Music teachers will:

    • Send lesson schedules to students prior to the beginning of each marking period.
    • Rotate music lesson periods to the fullest extent possible when creating lesson schedules.