CTLE Requirements

  • The CTLE requirement pertains to all Professional Certificate Holders (not permanent or initial), as well as all Level III Teaching Assistants, and requires 100 hours of professional development for each five-year registration period.

    The district is no longer responsible for reporting this information to NYSED. Certificate holders need to maintain their own completed certificates, and hold them for no less than three years following the end of their five-year registration period.

    • The district will offer CTLE approved courses in MLP. District-wide courses that meet the requirements for CTLE eligibility will be entered into MLP by the Office for Instructional Services.
    • Employees who wish to register for CTLE hours, must register in MLP.
    • Upon completion of an approved course/workshop in MLP, the presenter will need to verify your attendance. If you do not sign in at scheduled conferences/workshops/courses, you will be marked absent, and subsequently not eligible for CTLE hours.
    • Once attendance has been verified, you may log into MLP and print a certificate, which will contain all the pertinent information including the district’s CTLE Sponsor Number, the Course/Workshop Title, the number of hours, Superintendent’s Electronic signature, etc.
    • While MLP has informed us that all course information will be archived and maintained in MLP, it is recommended that you download your certificate and save it as PDF on your computer and/or a flash drive as a back-up. Consider a folder name such as CTLE Requirement 2016-2021 for each five-year cycle and house the electronic certificates in that folder.

    From the NYSD Website:

    Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) Recordkeeping Requirements:

    CTLE certificate holders shall maintain a record of completed CTLE, which shall include: the title of the program, the total number of hours completed, the number of hours completed in language acquisition addressing the need of English language learners, the sponsor's name and any identifying number, attendance verification, and the date and location of the program. Such records shall be retained for at least three years from the end of the registration period in which the CTLE was completed and shall be available for review by the Department upon request. Completion certificates are not to be submitted to the Office of Teaching Initiatives unless they are requested.