• Important Sports Information

    All athletes must have a sports clearance before they may try out for a team. 
    Physical exams are given at school annually, or exams may be completed by private physicians and converted to a school district sports physical.

    All student athletes must have:

    • a current sports physical annually, with a health history;
    • a signed medical update form for each sport season; 
    • a signed parent permission form for each sport season.
  • Sport Physical Guidelines 

    1. Students who wish to participate in athletics must have a sport physical completed prior to participation. A parent/guardian must complete and sign the Medical Update form.
    1. Sport physicals may be completed by your family physician or by the school physician. Physical examinations completed after April 1 are valid for the entire following school year.
    1. School sports physicals are given by appointment at the Health Office. Appointments are given to students after the signed Medical Update form is returned and pre-screening is complete.
    1. If the sport physical was completed by your family physician, the school physician must also certify the student in order to clear the student to participate. There is no charge for the certification.


    Family Physician Sport Physical Examination Procedure 

    1. Parent/Guardian must complete and sign the Medical Update form. 
    1. The family physician must complete, in full, the physical examination form, including the height, weight, blood pressure, urine (sugar and albumin), vision, and hearing results. 
    1. The school physician will review the physical to ensure eligibility for athletics. At the school physician’s discretion, he/she will examine the student, if necessary, to certify or deny the student’s participation in sports.


     Physical Examination forms and Medical Update forms are available in the Nurses’ Office and on the website.

    Please contact the school nurse if you have any questions about sports physicals.