Science/Social Studies Apps



    Skyorb: This app is an astronomy app with a 3D star map and planetarium as well as a search engine, sun clock, point to sky, weather and more.

    Google Earth: Google earth allows you to virtually fly around the planet with the swipe of your finger. You can search for cities, places, and businesses and browse different layers (i.e., roads, borders, places, photos, and more.) You can also visit the Earth Gallery to find exciting maps for real-time earthquakes, planes in flight, hiking trails, city tours and more. There is a new feature called “Tour Guide” which allows you to easily discover new places. Lastly, you can review 3D imagery and fly through complete 3D recreations of select cities.

    Tourwrist/Sphere-360 Photography: This app allows you to see a variety of different places through the use of photography at all angles. With Sphere, your devise is a “movable window you control.”

    Speed Geography Lite: This app is a game that tests your speed and challenges your memory of geography. There is a practice mode that allows learning specific regions without doing all previous levels and a review mode that replays the mistakes made in the previous game. This app may be more beneficial to middle or high school students.

    Stack the States Lite: This app makes learning about the 50 states fun. Students have the opportunity to learn state capitals, shapes, geographic locations, flags, and more. Students are also able to touch, move, and drop the animated states anywhere on the screen. Students earn a random state for every successfully completed level.