ELA Apps


    Sticky Notes: These are colorful notes to help keep teachers organized; however, could also be used during reading for critical thinking thoughts and annotations.

    ShowMe: This app is a virtual whiteboard. You can write on your iPad using your finger, audio record your voice and play back a tutorial that can be used frequently. This is excellent for teaching ELA lessons to students who have been absent, but also for modelling how to annotate while reading.

    Rover: This app allows you to stream flash content to your iPad. You can access Raz-Kids, BrainPOP, Starfall and other sites that may not operate properly through safari.

    Running Record Calculator: This app allows you to document the student’s reading rate, percentage of accuracy and self-correction ratio. The $2.99 version also allows you to do an audio recording that you can come back to later.

    Kidblog: This app can be used for student-generated reading responses. It is aimed towards elementary and middle school students. It has an easy to use interface and has privacy settings that allow student blogs to only be viewed by the teacher and classmates.

    Pixntell: This is a story telling app that students can use their own photos or those from the internet. They can record their voices. The free version allows only 4 images, but you can add more with the paid version.

    Homophones: This app has two levels. A sentence with a blank in it is offered with two homophones as options to fill in the blank. At level one, there are pictures and an audio of the sentence. Level two, the pictures and audios disappear.

    Fry Words: This app includes 1,000 of the most common words used in teaching reading, writing and spelling. They are broken up into sets of 10 each.

    Toontastic: This app teachers students the storytelling process, including choosing a scene, climax, setting, conflict, and characters. Student can choose music to match characters’ emotions and create a digital story video that can be shared online.

    Story Kit: In this app, students are able to edit and rewrite classic fairy tales.

    Vocabulary/Spelling Kit: This app allows for the practice of vocabulary and spelling words. Students can create their own lists or use one that is computer generated.

    Bluster: Students are required to battle weather elements by building vocabulary skills. There are different levels for differentiated instruction.

    Grammaropolis: This app teaches parts of speech using animated characters. Students can earn badges by following a curriculum that includes songs, books, videos, and quizzes.

    Mad Libs: This app is a class word game that allows students to practice parts of speech and vocabulary. A funny story is generated at the end.