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  • Special Education Parent Teacher Association or SEPTA

    It is a nationally-recognized, not-for-profit organization with resources on federal, state and local levels.

    Patchogue Medford SEPTA is the local chapter, comprised of parents, teachers and administrators that advocate for the social, recreational, and educational needs of children within the Patchogue-Medford School District. The organization provides support and resources for both educators and parents of children of all ages with special needs- including students who are gifted and talented, have an IEP, 504, or otherwise qualify for appropriate therapies and accommodations.

    Who can join Patchogue-Medford SEPTA?

    Anyone and everyone who wants to see progress for special needs children. One doesn’t need to live in the district, or even the state to be a member. 

    How to join Patchogue-Medford SEPTA?

    Membership may be purchased in person at a monthly meeting, or online at:

    You can also e-mail us at to make other arrangements for membership purchase.  Individual Membership to join PAT-MED SEPTA is $10.

    Have more questions?

    Join us at one of our meetings or email us at:

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