Sex Offender Notification

  • In order to provide parents/guardians and residents with information concerning convicted sex offenders who are living or working in this district, our school district is utilizing a no-cost sex offender alert notification program.  The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Sex Offender Relocation and E-mail Alert System will email district residents, who have registered, informing them of any new sex offender’s presence and direct them to their website where they can access a full copy of the notification.

    This policy allows all subscribers to be informed of any sex offender notification implemented within selected areas.  The policy prevents educational resources from being used on costly mailings while giving residents an opportunity to be informed of all offenders within New York State, at no cost to them.  The district has stopped sending mailings when notifications are received but will continue to maintain these files for duplication or viewing, upon request, at the Office of the District Clerk located at 241 South Ocean Avenue in Patchogue.  Residents who would like to register for notifications should visit the registry on the internet at   For those without Internet access, please contact The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Sex Offender Relocation and E-mail Alert System at 1-800-262-3257 for further instructions.

    Also be aware that our dedication to the safety of our students will remain consistent.  All of our schools have strict safety procedures for students, staff, and visitors. In the event that law enforcement informs our district of a resident sex offender, a detailed description of the offender is automatically given to each staff member, bus driver, and organization utilizing school facilities. It is unfortunate, but necessary, that we all take the opportunity to review safety rules with our children and remind them to avoid circumstances, which increase their vulnerability. Please keep this type of information in the proper perspective for your children by reassuring them that we do have a safe community, but that they need to be alert and careful.

    Additionally, be aware that according to New York State Law, “it is illegal to use sex offender registration information to commit a crime against any of these individuals or to engage in illegal discrimination or harassment against these people.”

    If you have questions or concerns, you may contact our District Clerk, Dennis Logan, at (631) 687-6370 or the Division of Criminal Justice Services at the telephone number previously provided.

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