• All Patchogue-Medford High School students review and sign the Physical Education Policy Contract below, acknowledging that they understand all the components of the Physical Education program, including what is expected of them to receive a passing grade in Physical Education. The contract is kept on file with the Physical Education teacher.


    Patchogue-Medford High School
    Physical Education Policies Student Contract


    Objective of Physical Education:

    The primary goal of our Physical Education curriculum is to develop a positive attitude towards fitness that will carry over into adulthood. Programs are designed to help students acquire knowledge and awareness of their physical, social, and mental health. The curriculum, which includes improving one's physical being through daily calisthenics, mastery of selected individual sports, cooperative play through team sports, and developing social interactions through coeducational activities, are all integral parts of the Physical Education program. Furthermore, self, peer, and teacher assessments will evaluate the student's acquired knowledge and skills.


    • Students must be in the locker room when the bell rings. Students are allotted five minutes to change and will be marked late if they exceed the time limit.
    • All legal absences must be made up for credit.
    • Make-up classes are offered frequently. See your teacher for days and times.
    • Students may not make up an unprepared for class, late to class, or cuts.


    • Students are required to dress in appropriate attire consisting of a t-shirt or sweatshirt (NO tank tops), athletic shorts or sweatpants, and athletic sneakers with laces.
    • Attire should be in good taste with no offensive or inappropriate sayings or symbols.
    • Each time a student is unprepared, he/she will lose 5 points of his/her final grade.


    • Physical Education is a participation-based class.
    • Participation begins when the bell rings for class.
    • Students who are prepared but do not participate FULLY in class may lose credit.
    • Participation includes Squad Spots, Warm-up Exercises and Stretches, Class Activity.


    • Students will respect the teacher and classmates.
    • Students will follow all safety guidelines.
    • NO food, music devices, or cell phones are allowed in class, per school policy.

    Locker Room Procedures:

    • Students are NOT permitted in locker rooms during the day, except when changing for their Physical Education classes.
    • All students are issued a school master lock and Phys Ed locker. All belongings should be locked in the Phys Ed locker before class. Sharing lockers is NOT permitted. Loss of the lock will result in a $5.00 replacement fee.
    • All students must remain in the locker room area until the dismissal bell rings.
    • Inappropriate behavior in the locker room will result in disciplinary action.


    • Students with a medical exemption MUST bring a doctor's note to the nurse prior to class. The nurse will give the student a note to give to the Phys Ed teacher, explaining the injury and length of the medical excuse.
    • Doctor's notes MUST be updated on a monthly basis. for convenience, doctor's notes may be faxed to the school nurse.
    • Any student who will be exempt from class will be required to complete a written assignment to receive credit for that class.
    • Failure to complete and return written assignments can lead to a failing grade for the quarter.


    • Students will be given a numeric grade in Physical Education, which will be averaged into their Grade Point Average (GPA).

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