Physical Education

  • Course Description

    As research indicates, the more physically fit an individual, the healthier, better adjusted, and more motivated the individual will become.  The Physical Education Department believes that each student is entitled to an equal opportunity to participate in physical activities that will benefit their needs, interests, and values.  The staff is committed to encourage and assist students to become all they are capable of being and to develop a healthy respect toward themselves and each other.

    Students need a total of two credits to fulfill graduation requirements.

    Earning Physical Education Credit

    Physical Education is a performance-based class.  A student gains credit by:

    Being on time

    Changing into appropriate clothing

     Participating in warm-up activities

     Participating in daily activities

    Following sportsmanship guidelines

    Cognitive assessment, i.e. Rules and Strategies

    Making Up Physical Education Classes

    Classes missed legally may be made up for credit by participating in a make-up session.

    Make-up sessions are offered before and after school.

     Students may earn one make-up per day

      Students must be on time

      Students must wear sneakers

      Make-ups may be earned only for the present quarter