Studio Art

  • Course Description

    Studio art is a visual art class that takes each student on a personal artistic journey while discovering the elements and principles of art and design. This course introduces basic materials and techniques for creating works of visual art. 

    Each student will also learn about artists and cultures that contribute to our rich global artistic heritage.  We will be having discussions and critiques about art, artists, and each students personal work.


    Course Expectations

     All students are expected to:

    -Complete assignments in a timely manner

    -Complete all homework, class work, quizzes and tests.

    - You will have a Portfolio  assigned to you for class assignments,   sketchbook/journals, Drawings, plans, and completed assignments.

    -Attendance in class is as per school policy

    -Behave in a mature and respectful manner while fostering a sense of community and responsibility.

    -Demonstrate through projects, journal entries and assignments a deep understanding of the principles and elements of art.

    -You are expected to use the correct vocabulary words as you

    discuss your artwork.


    Breakdown of Grades/Grading Policy

    Completed Projects: 70%    Final Exam/Projects or Tests: 20%  Class work/Homework 10%