Media Arts

  • Course Description
    Media Arts is a unique introduction to the Visual Arts by way of new media and 
    technology. Students interested in tapping the potential of technology and new media for 
    artistic expression will learn to use the computer as a creative tool to solve artistic 
    challenges. Students will learn to appreciate, analyze and create original art and design 
    images using Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign. Innovative projects will link traditional 
    media and technology, media and related arts while interpreting the elements of art and 
    principles of design.
    1. Students will have access to computers in the computer lab.
    2. Students MUST have an internet use policy form on file before using any computers.
    3. Extra Help Schedule:
    Students are permitted to attend extra help to enhance classwork or work on 
    independent assignments.  Extra Help is on Monday-Thursday morning before school at 7:15 and 
    Monday after school by appointment.  Students may also choose to work independently 
    in the lab during free periods with permission and prior approval of Mrs. O'Neill and Mrs. DiFazio

    Course Expectations
    1. All students are expected to :
    • complete assignments in a timely manner
    • complete all homework, classwork, quizzes and tests 
    • all work uploaded to website, printed  or burned to disk for viewing and grading.
    • Attendance in class as per school policy
    • Behave in a mature and respectful manner while fostering a sense of community and 
    • Demonstrate through project assignments a deep and actual understanding of the Principles 
    of Design and Elements of Art as taught in class

    Breakdown of Grades / Grading Policy:
    Completed projects: 70 %    Final Exam / Project or Test : 20%  Classwork / Homework   10%